Solutions to different needs

A personalized work focused on real needs

Internal and external communication services:

We make the communicational work of the company ensuring that the messages of the company are delivered in an efficient and strategic way to the community, guaranteeing that it is aligned and consistent with the internal communication given to the workers in the different levels of the company.

Consultancy on labor and community relations:

We perform a comprehensive surveillance of the vision that actors have on the company, both through the review of social speeches and  the periodic lifting of information both inside and outside the company. From this, we can identify critical nodes of conflict that allow us to approach them in an anticipated and strategic way. Since this work, we define lines of action and determined them to maintain a good relationship with workers, subcontractor companies and the community.

Design and implementation of sustainable social development programs:

We design, evaluate and implement a program of systematized actions that ensure the sustainable development of the enterprice, which are aligned with the strategic goals of the company and the current regulations on corporate social responsibility (CSR). In addition we make an evaluation of the effectiveness of the implemented actions for the redesign of these in future programs.

Mediation in labor and social conflicts:

We exercise the role of mediator and guarantor of interests in the conflicts that could happen with workers, contractors or social organizations. We also offer a long-term relationship management plan to solve difficult historical conflicts.

Advice to foreign investment

In our globalized world, addressing the sociocultural factors of a new business that will be developed in a country in permanent growth is of vital importance to secure the future of an investment. It is for this reason that we advise in matters of social sustainability and about the socio-cultural and political impact to the companies interested in expanding their businesses to Chile and Equatorial Guinea. (soon to be also in Mexico)

Our Services

Our services seek to strengthen the relationships of companies internally and externally, working in the established relationship with the workers and the different trade union associations that represent them, in addition to established relationships with different social organizations such as environmental groups, citizens and the community in general. We design and execute linking strategies consistent with the client's reality, understanding that the future of organizations depend on the strength of their relationships.