About Us

Why choose us?

We are pioneers in integrated relational management which allows us to generate measures in line with the reality of each organization. We also have a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in communication, sustainable development and consulting, where our strong psychosocial approach provides us with a better understanding of the behavior, interests and needs of the human groups with whom we work.

How we work?

As a specialist consultant we design and execute a personalized work  committed to the objectives of our clients. We also apply high standards of quality and permanent review of our processes with the aim of ensuring efficiency and effective work.

We are committed to the interests of our clients and their social partners, always ensuring good practices both socially and environmentally.

What we guarantee?

Keep on Meeting guarantees a real improvement in the internal and external relations of our clients, as well as an efficient handling of the conflicts that may arise in the development of their operations, thus reducing the negative impact that such conflicts may have both on the company as in the community.

As we say in Keep on Meeting "Our goal is the tranquility of our customers" .

Our Philosophy


To be a national and international reference in the bonding work with the environment and management of labor relations, focusing our prestige on the quality of the work done, the satisfaction of our clients and our contribution to the sustainable development of the companies with which we work.


To give a quality work and focused on the real needs of our clients, achieving the satisfaction of them for the work done and ensuring good practices both socially and environmentally.


  • Respect for social and natural ecosystems
  • Commitment to good work practices where our duty is to set the example
  • Vision of people as human beings rejecting discrimination
  • Commitment to our workers, making Keep on Meeting a good place to work

Our Team

Tomas A. Covarrubias

Chief Executive Officer. CEO

Organizational psychologist and social communicator with more than 10 years of consulting experience for important companies nationally and internationally in issues related to organizational development, work climate and sustainable social development. he has also been recognized internationally for the design and application of intervention strategies in different fields of psychology.

Daniela E. Oliver

Executive Vice President

Administrator with more than 10 years of experience in the administration of companies of services, being outstanding the management of companies in the city of New York doing school in the area of attention to the client and the administration of Human Resources.

Cynthia V. Vega

Chief Financial Officer

Administrative Assistant with 9 years of experience in Human Resources Management and consultancy to large companies in the strategic management of Human Capital. She also has extensive knowledge in project financial management.

Luis A. Esono

Chief Operating Officer / Africa

Staffordshire University Business Administrator with experience in auditing and business administration, responsible for the operation of Keep on Meeting services in his office in Africa located  in Malabo Equatorial Guinea.

Landry A. Nguema

Business Manager / Africa

Commercial and business manager with experience in importing services, in charge of the capturing and supervision of French-speaking services of Keep on Meeting in Africa.

Rodrigo A. Vicencio

Communication Manager

Journalist of the PUCV and Mine Engineer with more than 8 years of experience in communicational management of large companies in the mining industry in addition to his work in the media in Chile.

Natalia G. Vergara

Marketing Manager

Publicist of the UNIACC with strategic advertising profile and studies of improvement in Digital Marketing, with experience in the esteem of corporative image to different companies.

Jorge C. Gallardo

Operating Manager

Technician in business administration with more than 25 years of experience in administration of offices and branches for companies of different categories, taking care of both the financial and operational management .

Boris A. Flores

Sustainability Officer

Expert Engineer in Risk Prevention and Environment with extensive experience in the supervision and management of environmental projects in the Mining and Energy area. Professional with accreditation in the management of sustainable social development programs.

Carlos G. Meneses

Social affairs Officer

Social Worker at the San Sebastían University with post-graduate studies in Social Policy Gains. He has more than 6 years of experience in the public and private sector where he has developed consulting tasks in addition to his experience as a teacher in labor intermediation affairs.

Carolina A. Nanjarí

Specialist Consultant

Psychologist with experience in competence management, selection of personnel and work well-being. She also has clinical experience in the handling  cases of high complexity.

Juan Pablo Romero

Specialist Consultant

Psychologist with experience in designing and implementing organizational development and people management programs, in addition to his work as a teacher in issues such as Leadership, Conflict Resolution and Development of social interventions.